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Custom Design

More than just a cable company!

As one of the most respected cable manufacturers in the world, AEI Cables is committed to quality, safety and service with no compromise. We invest in expertise in research, raw materials, design and manufacture, ultimately delivering nothing but the best products, customised to meet your needs.

AEI Cables has a history of product development to meet the demanding environments of rail, mining, naval, oil, gas and marine applications and increasingly demanding requirements driven by changes in engineering standards, health and safety legislation, environmental mandates, liability issues, etc. continue to drive improvement. Additionally, �systems� are becoming much more complex and there is a growing dependence on integrated systems to provide expanded services to satisfy public and industry expectations. Electrical cable plays a significant role in any system and must stand up to conditions that were unthinkable in years past. AEI are able to offer bespoke cable designs to fulfil the most demanding of requirements.

Cable materials used for insulating, bedding, and sheathing are fundamental to a cables performance and its ability to survive in demanding environments. Whether its fire performance, environmental conditions, volatile chemical attack, UV exposure, radiation, or other hostile conditions, the selection of appropriate materials is critically important, and we can provide custom designed cables using our own thermoplastic, elastomeric and high performance compounds to meet challenging needs in these harsh environments.

As a solutions provider, AEI are at the forefront in polymer science and materials technology. AEI�s comprehensive cable manufacturing facility located in Birtley is also home to an extensive state of the art polymer development laboratory, fire performance test laboratory and compounding centre. With 170 years in cable manufacturing and with a continual commitment to scientific research and development in the field of cable materials, AEI is far more than just a cable company.

AEI.........Setting the standard in cable manufacturing.

  • Fully equipped polymer research and development laboratory
  • World class material testing facility
  • Comprehensive fire performance test centre
  • Full range of Cable testing for physical/electrical requirements
  • On-going 'next generation' material development program
  • Customisation of materials for customer specific requirements
  • AEI technical staff are at the forefront of cable standards development and participate in BCA, BSI, CENELEC and IEC cable committees and groups tasked with driving forward standards of cable manufacture and test protocols world-wide.
  • Dedicated Product and Process Development staff who continually review and develop manufacturing processes.

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