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As befits a company based in the area known as the cradle of railways, AEI Cables have been manufacturing cables for the railway industry since electricity and railways came together.

The rail industry has always required cables specific to its own unique requirements., whether these be for signalling, rolling stock, power supply or infrastructure. The industry is concerned with the movement of people and goods, and this introduces safety concerns requiring cables to be designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards. Railway operators have developed their own standards, for both general use and for very specific undertakings of which the best example in Britain is London Underground. Recently there are an increasing number of European standards appearing to assist interoperability and standardisation across the European rail network.

AEI�s Transcab range has a proven track record across numerous railway systems, and offers a wide range of cable types, encompassing fire safety requirements inherent in modern rail systems where passenger and operability safety is critical.

AEI Cables Transcab is backed by a world class design and development team to assist its rail customers in solving their problems. This facility is key to the service provided to the rail industry, allowing the joint development of new solutions to modern day challenges, whilst retaining the ability to supply established products. This is underpinned by a specialist manufacturing unit with full control of the manufacturing process from start to finish. AEI is one of the leaders in the field of halogen-free material technology, as well as being at the forefront of fire performance cable production.

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